RestorFX isn’t like detailing a car. It is an extensive system designed to restore and replenish your vehicle’s original youthful or like-new appearance. RestorFX has many products and systems designed to restore, recondition and improve your vehicle inside and out. Review our services to learn more about available options for your vehicle.

Paintless Clearcoat Repair—also known as PCR—is the terminology we use in the industry to describe the type of service that RestorFX is. A RestorFX Paintless Clearcoat Repair service is paint finish restoration and scratch repair without repainting.

The RestorFX polymimetic process for your automobile’s exterior paint cannot be used for interior surfaces. For interiors, we use the Numbers line by RestorFX. It is an all-inclusive automotive maintenance line designed to replenish, revitalize and recondition an array of surfaces. Numbers will clean, condition and protect both the inside and exterior of your vehicle.

RestorFX is an advanced surface restoration product, while ClearFX is an advanced surface protection line of products. Both offer tremendous results in each field of classification and industry performance. ClearFX strengthens and improves durability of any surface, including RestorFX’s surfaces or standard paint finishes.

RestorFX repairs any scratch that is within the clear-coat layer of automotive painted surfaces. Any scratch that penetrates beyond the clear-coat and into the base color of the vehicle will not be removed 100%.

RestorFX doesn’t repair damage from accidents and collisions. RestorFX can repair damage to your vehicle’s clear-coat.

RestorFX does not repaint vehicles. RestorFX restores a vehicle finish without repainting.