Exchange contact info and collect leads with just a tap.

Stand out from the crowd with your own digital business card! It's a digital profile and networking tool in one.

Using NFC technology, the Pulse vCard can share all of your information when tapped against a smartphone. No more messing around with old paper business cards, put all the information right where people spend most of their time – their phone!

Share with a card

Tap your card to any phone, and direct new contacts to find all your relevant info.

Share with a QR

QR is a great option for adding to printed material to advertise or leave behind.

Share with a link

Add your link to your social media profiles, contact me area, and anywhere online.

Make a lasting first impression

Introduce yourself with a 100% unique digital business card. Get your contact inside their phone, not in their junk drawer or trash.

Share and connect easily

Share one link to everything with a card, link, or QR. Contact info, website, social media, videos, and even collect payment! 

Not just a business card a lead generation machine

Your custom designed digital business card is capable of sharing your contact details, gathering leads and connecting to over 3,000 apps and CRM tools 24/7

One Card, Four Powerful Modes

Pulse vCards digital profiles allow you to switch between modes, depending on the situation. Meet up and share your contact details or receive contact details and send them straight to your CRM, generate leads or send contacts straight to links of your choice.

Business Card

Put your contact details and links to your website, all of your social channels directly into your prospects phone.

Landing Page

Your own personal digital profile/landing page with links, photos, videos, lead generation tools and more!

Lead Generation

Collect leads, send automated follow-up emails and SMS messages, or sync automatically to your CRM.

Link to any URL

Send people directly to your website, signup form, download link, app, presentation, or  booking calendar.

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